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Image of Gillian Scerri, a holistic coach specializing in Career, attaining goals, and developing healthy habits.

Holistic Life Coach

Specialising in
    Attaining goals 
    Developing healthy habits

Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up 

I can give you the nudge you need and well-being you deserve

Image of Nature College, the educational institution from which Gillian graduated, specializing in holistic coaching, career development, and fostering a connection with nature.
Image showcasing the 100% certified natural therapist member, indicating a professional accreditation in natural therapy and holistic practices.
Image showcasing on Health and Wellbeing Magazine, highlighting her expertise in holistic coaching, career development, and promoting health and wellbeing.
Image displaying a 5-star rating representing the outstanding average rating of Gillian Scerri's services on Google.

You will not achieve your most cherished goals if you keep neglecting your physical health.

Once you start to CARE for your body it will reward your mind with your best ENERGY.

Image of a happy girl embracing her successful career choice and healthy lifestyle, satisfied with the direction of her life.

Are you unhappy with your career choice and is the feeling impacting your health? Are you unsatisfied with the direction your life is taking and want to make a drastic change?


I coach individuals to fearlessly and unapologetically pivot their life toward their passion, supported by a holistic approach to wellness.


Dissatisfaction with your life creates an unshakeable feeling of irritability and frustration, and if left unchanged can greatly impact your mind and body. 

Awareness around where the dissatisfaction is coming from creates strength, provides for choice, and ultimately leads to action. I can help you get to that place and enable you to start living the life you deserve, from a place of passion. 

I will provide you with tools to move forward despite your challenges, and knowledge to best take care of your physical health. You will find true health and happiness once you start to consider your mental outlook and lifestyle habits as one and the same. For sustainable change, a holistic view of your life is necessary. 

Nothing changes until you take that first step! This is your opportunity to rid the unnecessary clutter and transform into a lighter and freer version of yourself. 

You are the CREATOR of your own life. The sooner you realise that, the quicker you get to start LIVING from a place of PASSION

Do you want to make a change but comfort & fear are getting in the way?


Kudos for taking the first step!

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Image of a dandelion symbolizing the return of life and the rebirth of growth, aligned with the visions of career development, attaining goals, and developing healthy habits.


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